Consultant Sports Medicine Physician - Thomson Wellth Clinic

MBBS (Singapore), MSS (Sports Medicine), MMed (Occupational Medicine), GD (Occupational Medicine)



Dr Chiam Tut Fu obtained his MBBS and Masters of Medicine (Occupational Medicine) from the National University of Singapore. He was also the year’s top student with a Masters in Sports Science (Sports Medicine) from the United States Sports Academy.

Being an accredited Specialist in Sports Medicine with Ministry of Health and Singapore Medical Council, he is also a consultant to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in Sports Medicine and had helped the SAF design the criteria for medical classification and grading.

Dr Chiam specialises in the management of musculoskeletal pain due to sports injuries or age-related degenerative and orthopaedic conditions and myofascial causes like trigger points. He uses a wide range of latest evidence-based treatment modalities in his practice like platelet rich plasma therapy and low level laser treatment. He also has a special interest in weight management and smoking cessation.

Dr Chiam is a fitness enthusiast and understands the needs of people who engage in active lifestyle. His experience with the SAF enables him to holistically manage pre-enlistees and servicemen with injuries for SAF training.

Managing Neck, Lower Back and Knee Pains

Raffles City

Studies have shown that most office workers suffer from some sort of musculoskeletal pain; whether that be in the neck, back, shoulders, wrists, or knees. This is largely due to long hours at work, sitting on the chair facing the computer screen, and also from weekly sports activities which can be very intense, when they […]