The 4Rs of Looking Good: Relax, Restore, Rebuild and Refresh

Raffles City

How do I look younger? This is an increasingly common question especially when aging is inevitable and the effect of gravity on our skin becomes more apparent the older we get. In the past, collagen and elastic fibres start to disintegrate around the age of twenty but the effects of degenerated skin are only visible several decades later. Today, wrinkles, spots and dryness become more visible much earlier.


There are many extrinsic factors that affect the condition of one’s skin, with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation as one of the biggest contributors to premature aging. With advanced technology in aesthetic medicine, consumers are now spoilt for choice with various solutions to minimise the severity of skin aging. Take that first step with our doctor as he uncovers some of the latest therapies for restoring hydrated and luminous skin.